The Product

Uploading data

If your company loses customers and wants to reduce its churn rate, you should use Churnly.
Churnly is exceptionally simple to use, super fast to get started and provides the insight you’ll need to stop your customers leaving.

Data formatting

For Churnly’s technology to work effectively, we require data to be saved as a .csv file and formatted in a certain way. Please follow our guidelines.

Data Privacy

We place the utmost importance in the security and privacy of all data. With this in mind, we require all customer data to be anonymised prior to uploading to Churnly. We have built Churnly in such a way that no-one has access to your data, to view or otherwise, as part of the process of analysing or delivering results as part of the Churnly service. Churnly is hosted on the Microsoft® Azure™ Cloud hosted services platform. Some of the security measures Azure takes to protect your data are;

  • A secure, SAS70-certified Tier 4 data center
  • Firewalls
  • SSL and application security
  • 24/7 security monitoring
  • Third-party certifications for security practices


We believe we have made Churnly easy to understand and use. Should you have difficulty using Churnly, require an assisted experience or have specific suggestions as to how we can improve the usability of the product or the overall user experience, please email

Product enhancements

Are you enhancing the product with new features?

Yep! We have a team dedicated to building new features and improving performance of existing functionality. We always love to hear product ideas from our customers, so if there is anything you think we could be doing better or a feature we don’t currently offer but you’d love to have, email us. We pay £500 to anyone that suggests a new product or feature we haven’t yet thought about and release it as an enhancement on Churnly.

Will new features automatically be made available in my plan?

If you are on the Pro plan, yes. All new features are currently added to the Pro plan at no extra cost. Whilst we do not expect this to change, it is possible in future that we add another plan with advanced features. If we do this;

  • All customers will be notified prior to any changes being made
  • All of the features in the Pro Plan will remain (we won’t remove any)
  • All Pro plan customers will be offered the option to upgrade into the new plan at a reduced monthly cost

What if our organisation would like different features than currently available?

That’s awesome! You’ll need our Enterprise solution. Email us and we’ll arrange to chat about your requirements